Patient Concerns


Patient Education

We feel patient education is very important. Our goal is that you are completely informed concerning your condition and any treatment that will be performed. We encourage you to voice any questions you may have.

Patient Safety

We adhere to the highest professional standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and radiation control. Our staff regularly attend safety seminars and are quite knowledgeable on the latest techniques.


Patient Education

We know that preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS, herpes, hepatitis and even the cold virus is critical. We use extensive sterilization procedures, going well beyond the guidelines recommended by the American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control.

We use barrier techniques such as disposable masks and gloves and replace them with every new patient. Each piece of fixed operatory equipment is wiped-down with antibacterial solution prior to every clinical procedure. Sterile water delivery systems are utilized. We use autoclave sterilization for all instruments prior to dental examination and treatment. You can be assured that our staff have been specifically trained on sterilization procedures and their importance.


Patients with certain medical conditions (e.g. valvular heart conditions and artificial joints) may be asked to pre-medicate with antibiotics prior to treatment. We do this with your safety in mind. Please inform us if you have a condition that might require pre-medication.

Post Treatment Instructions

After treatment, home care and medication instructions will be thoroughly explained. For your convenience, you will also be given printed instructions. Of course, we are always available for questions after treatment.

Special Techniques & Equipment

We strive to stay on the leading edge of periodontal techniques and equipment. In order to do this, we refresh our knowledge with continuing education all the time. We also utilize advanced equipment in our office. This includes:

  • Advanced Dental Implant Placement

    • Advances in dental implant technology and bone regeneration allow trained periodontists to place dental implants anchoring dentures and partials immediately. Single tooth implants can also be restored immediately in a number of cases. Drs. McGraw and Doctor are trained and qualified to perform these procedures.


  • Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

    • Digital X-Rays are taken with very low radiation . They are also more convenient when planning treatment with your general dentist.


  • Magnifier Loops with Fiber Optic Lights

    • Dental Magnifier Loops are made to view your teeth and gum tissue in minute detail during periodontal procedures. Our Doctors and hygienists use periodontal loops in all procedures to ensure more precise treatment.


  • Panoramic Radiography

    • Panoramic Radiography (Panorex) is an advanced full-mouth x-ray that allows a full "panoramic" view of your teeth and surrounding skeletal structures. This type of x-ray is often necessary in the diagnosis of dental implant placement and comprehensive periodontal therapy.


  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (View our Technology page for more information.)

    They got me in right on time. Every procedure was thoroughly explained to me. The work was done gently and efficiently.
    - Lawrence K.