A "frenum" is a thin band of tissue. There are many frenae in the mouth, such as the strand along the middle base of your tongue, or on the middle inside of your upper or lower lip.

Shortened frenae on the inside of the lips pull on the gum tissue. This can cause the gum to recede away from the teeth or gaps between the teeth to develop.

A Frenectomy is a safe and simple procedure designed to remove or alter an interferring frenum. These procedures are often required to enhance or maintain orthodontic treatment. These procedure may also be used to reduce the risk for gum tissue recession or to enchange gum tissue grafting.

Procedure: During the procedure, your periodontist numbs the frenum and surrounding area with an anesthetic. Next, he carefully frees up the restrictive tissue.

The site typically heals in 7-10 days with minimal symptoms.



Frenectomy - Before

Frenectomy - Before

Frenectomy - 

Frenectomy - After